Below is the playlist for Book 1 of the Colony Series, Among Us. You will find the music to be dark, seductive, impassioned, and at times eerie. The music reflects the tone of the story, which is all of that and more. There is a distinct trance element to both the music and the story...where does the reality end? Enigma, Delerium and Depeche Mode were heavy influences on the story. Their music is visceral, suggestive, and dwells in the realm of things hidden from most.

Below is a list with links to YouTube videos for the music. We do not endorse or support any of the material, websites, products, or services on or in association with the videos, unless specifically stated.

You may also find the playlist on Rhapsody-AmongUs, and, Among Us by Morgan Summerfield.


Best ways to enjoy the music: Since the music could not be timed to the story, it is not possible to just 'let it play'. My first suggestion is to listen to the playlist through one time to get a 'feel' for where you are headed. Then, put the music or the link to the music in a handy location. Print out the playlist PDF and keep it handy as you read. When you reach a place where the suggested music applies, stop reading, play the music through with your eyes closed, imagining the characters and what they are doing or might do. When the music for the section is finished, continue reading.

You may be surprised how much more you "feel" when you use this technique. If you really want to 'kick it up' a notch, find some roses and cherries (or the fragrances) and take a deep breath of them whenever the scent is mentioned. Your read will become 'experiential' and you will connect with the story on many levels. (Eternity Rose Blush or Giorgio Red might fill the bill.)`

Note: If you see a hyperlink, the music has a video on We do not promote, approve, or have any affiliation with youtube, any of the videos, sponsors, or advertisers. The link is there simply to help you connect with the music. As you know, links can be good today and bad tomorrow. While we try to check them frequently, we cannot guarantee a live link.





Line Start


Moonlight Sonata

Ludwig von Beethoven - Café del Mar

Chapter 1

"Spine chilling cries…"

Evocative of the overall tone of the story.

As If You Said Nothing

Craig Armstrong

Chapter 2

Page 22

Para Last

"As she sped down…"

An eruption of desire has Elaine at its mercy.

Love Hurts


Chapter 3

Page 28

Para Last

"As his eyes opened…"

The fine line between love and submission.



Chapter 3

Page 31

Para Last

"Two days passed…"

Oddly off balance for reasons unknown.

Symphony for Isabelle Part 1

Craig Armstrong

Chapter 4

Page 47

Para First

"A childhood memory…"

Up from the depths of her darkness.

An Ending

Brian Eno

Chapter 5

Page 60

Para 3

"While Elaine was…"

Probably the last peaceful moment until the end.

Libera me

B Tribe

Chapter 6

Page 77

Para 2

"As the waiter walked away…"

Sweetly impassioned, yet filled with tension.

Cats Cradle


Chapter 7

Page 92

Para First

"As she turned toward…"

Where is reality?



Chapter 7

Page 98

Para Last

"Feeling wired and…"

Is this a dream or a portent of things to come?


Gotan Project

Chapter 7

Page 106

Para 4

"Gently Max grasped…"

Is it seduction or is she just imagining.

A Girl Like You

Pete Yorn

Chapter 8

Page 126

Para Last

"The clouds traveled…"

Travis reveals his feelings, but not his intentions.

Vinegar and Salt


Chapter 9

Page 130

Para First

"Grimly, Elaine sat…"

When two come divided by truth…



Chapter 10

Page 139

Para First

"Heavily, she leaned…"

What may be the most bizarre experience in the story.

Draw The Line

David Gray

Chapter 11

Page 154

Para 2

"Turning her most…"

Enough is enough and you do what you must.


Depeche Mode

Chapter 12

Page 172

Para Last

"Travis eyed her …"

Everyone is realizing their culpability.

The Drift


Chapter 13

Page 187

Para First

"Driven by instinct…"

Who can she trust?



Chapter 13

Page 193

Para 8

"Anger and jealousy…"

The facades are falling.

Principles of Lust


Chapter 14

Page 207

Para 4

"He pushed through the door…"

OMG! It is all about being lost in the moment.

Sooth My Soul

Depeche Mode

Chapter 15

Page 219

Para Last

"He was in an online…"

Dark desire, uncontrollable obsession.

I Love You, I'll Kill You


Chapter 16

Page 229

Para First

"Elaine returned with…"

Paranoia has Travis in its grip.

Love Theme from Blade Runner


Chapter 17

Page 243

Para Last

"Travis was especially…"

Travis is oblivious and lost in his love for Elaine.



Chapter 17

Page 258

Para 4

"When the drip on the …"

The ‘Green Fairy’ has taken their senses.

Language of Sound


Chapter 18

Page 267

Para First

"The mantel clock pealed…"

The beast is free and primal.



Chapter 19

Page 271

Para First

"Travis’ hair was…"

The conflict in Travis takes a toll.

Feel You


Chapter 20

Page 287

Para 4

"He stood just…"

Something is stirring.

Serpent Kiss

Don’t worry about the words. Think of it as whispered chatter.

Coctaeu Twins

Chapter 21

Page 303

Para First

"Unsure, Travis sat…"

Rip his heart out.



Chapter 22

Page 316

Para 7

"Travis leaned forward…"

A difficult place to dwell between what you know and what you believe.

Love Lies

Island Affairs

Chapter 23

Page 329

Para First

"Michael asked Travis…"

Clawing at reality.



Chapter 24

Page 338

Para 2

"Keller entered observation…"

Is she insane?

Come To Me


Chapter 25

Page 359

Para 3

"If it was a dream…"

Take my hand and pull me out…please.

Wisdom and Courage


Chapter 26

Page 367

Para First

"Travis sat in…"

The plot thickens.

Morphing Through Time


Chapter 27

Page 386

Para Last

"Alice was pleasantly…"

Pretend to be an ally.

The Alchemist


Chapter 28

Page 395

Para First

"Travis woke with…"

Not liking all this chaos. Can I stop dreaming now?

Losing Sleep


Chapter 28

Page 402

Para 7

"With knots in his stomach…"

Is it finally over?

The Child In Us


Chapter 29

Page 409

Para First

"With a quick…"

No. It is just beginning.



Send Off

Set your senses in tune with Book 2, Awakenings, due to release Oct 2013.


Disclaimer: The Colony Series, as a whole, is a work of fiction. The characters, locations, events, and elements of the story should not be taken to represent any place, any thing, or any person or persons. One of the problems with fiction is that people attempt to create fact from it. Readers are free to draw their own conclusions and create their own back and forward stories. This work is offered as entertainment. The author is not now, nor has she been a member of Colony or The Priory. Please do not attempt to enter the Priory of Vesta website.

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